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It's all about data

Proxima Data Control allows you viewing, processing, creating data storing in cloud NoSQL databases. No need to know how to install, run, and start your database. Just plug it in and play with your data.

Free access to all features

Why use Proxima Data Control?

The service allows you to start working with your data immediately. No any command prompts, not installation. You even don't have to know the MongoDB syntax.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with this service?

Currently not too much. You can create a connection to your database, create, edit, and drop collections. You can create documents, edit them, drop, and query - all using only web interface and JSON notations.

Should I have the database somewhere in the cloud?

For now, yes. You can create a MongoDB database completely free using mLab (, or use any other cloud solutions. In the future, you will able to create a database right here.

What can I do with the Free account?

You will have the full access to all features. The only difference is in support (by email only) and the volume of data. For example, you can have the access only to one server connection.

How do you store my database credentials?

We don't store any critical information as a text. We encrypt all the credentials and connection strings and the decryption key is stored encrypted too, separately.



$0 / mo

  • 1 database connection
  • Email support
  • Help center access
  • Full set of features
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$15 / mo

  • Up to 5 database connections
  • Priority email support
  • Help center access
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from $79 / mo

  • More than 6 database connections
  • Phone and email support
  • Help center access
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